Zfish Camo Floating Weighing Sling - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Camo Floating Weighing Sling

Catalogue number:ZF-3269
Availability:In stock

...New floating Camo weighing Sling from Czech brand Zfish. After more than one year of testing we bring a perfect floating weighing Sling, that will fullfill expectation of all anglers. Extremly big and safe for gentle handlig your catch.

  • 8 small floats to keep on surface all the time
  • double zip with lock to prevent fish escape
  •  2m long rope and  peg for easy fasten
  • Fine mesh runs along the sides and bottom of the system allowing fast drainage combined with fish friendly materials
  • 6 Carry handles - to cover all contingencies
  • Large size ideal for specimen fish
  • Waterproof carry case included

 Size : 120 x 30 x 60 cm



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