Zfish Bivvy Deluxe King Size 2 Men - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Bivvy Deluxe King Size 2 Men

Catalogue number:ZF-2547
Availability:In stock

Zfish's Bivvy Deluxe King Size 2 Men puts a very high bar in his price class. This is a very good and spacious bivvy for 2 people. Its generous interior space makes you so stunned. Our bivvy is designed to protect you from any bad weather. The bivvy construction is made of very rigid 16mm diameter tubular ribs that fit perfectly into each other. The 100% waterproof nylon 210D material of the highest quality of 10,000 precipitation was used to produce the casing. The extended front peak reliably protects the entire bivvy entrance from the rain. The bivvy has two windows and an entrance door with a mosquito net and standard cover. In addition, the door can be covered with a mica velcro flap. Of course there are quality and reliable zippers, removable flooring, drill pegs.
  •     Bivvy for 2 persons
  •     Nylon 210D material
  •     Water resistance of 10,000 precipitation
  •     Removable ground sheet
  •     Set of 10 pegs
  •     Weight: 10kg
  •     Transport packaging
  •     Transport size: 130x20x20 cm
  •     Length: 280cm / Width: 300cm / Height: 170cm (at the top)

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