Zfish Sleeping Bag Hoogan Camo 5 Season - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Sleeping Bag Hoogan Camo 5 Season

Catalogue number:ZF-1702
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The Hoogan 5 season sleeping bag is another addition to the exclusive Zfish premium CAMO edition. As an inside material is used a very popular, warm, green micro fleece. Thermo insulating charge consists of hollow fibers for perfect thermal insulation. On sleeping bag is Quattro-tex® outer material, in an attractive CAMO design that adds insulating properties to no less important moisture protection. Quattro-tex® does not allow moisture to enter but is breathable from the inside out. Thanks to this feature, vapor extraction is provided, which is released from the body during sleep. The composition of all used materials thus ensures the luxury of sleeping in nature at all seasons. The practical and large zippers of the sleeping bag are on both sides and can be opened to the feet. In the inside of the sleeping bag there is a zip pocket suitable for mobile phone or documents. Under the head is a comfortable cushion which is removable. In the middle of the sleeping bag there is a pull-out strap, which is easy to fasten to the bedchair. On both sides of the sleeping bag there are stitched sleeves that can easily be pulled over the top and bottom of the deck for better securing. Included in the package is a carrying bag also in camo design.

  •     year-round use
  •     sleeping bag dimensions: 220 x 100 cm
  •     combination of micro fleece / hollow fiber / Quattro-tex® 
  •     internal zippered pocket for mobile or documents
  •     thermal comfort up to -20 ° C
  •     pull strap for attaching to bedchair
  •     weight 5 kg

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