Zfish Rod Phoenix Feeder 3,60m/80g + Reel Skipper FD 3000! - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Rod Phoenix Feeder 3,60m/80g + Reel Skipper FD 3000 !

Catalogue number:ZF-3153
Availability:In stock

Special feeder combo - advantageous price!

The Phoenix Feeder complements the product line of carp and stalker Zfish rods with a slim cork handle and slim blank. Like the other members mentioned above, this feeder also has a blank finish in a decent matte black finish with "golden" elements around the reel seat and the handle end. The rod action is parabolic. The rod underwent long-term pre-market testing and the results were more than satisfying. Overall, the rod has a very luxurious impression. With this rod you will be able to enjoy the exits of both bigger and smaller fish perfectly. The package includes 3 feeder tips as standard.

Technical specifications:

  •      Length: 3,60m
  •      Throwing load: 80g
  •      Number of parts: 3 + 3 tips
  •      Transport length: 126cm
  •      Number of guides: 14
  •      Weight: 220 g
  •      Diameter of the blank above the reel seat: 10 mm
  •      Diameter of the blank under the reel seat : 12 mm
Zfish is introducing a high-quality and precisionly engineered reel that brings revolution to this price class. The reel is suitable for both feeder and spinning. Our skipper reliably fulfills all the expectations of even the most demanding fishermen. The reel is made with high quality materials. Operation is very smooth. The front brake is very precise. The reel has a modern loop with a round and pleasant grip. The Skipper is a reel that you can rely on in every situation.
  •      Strong driving gear
  •      A computer-balanced rotor to reduce vibration
  •      Anti-Twist Roller
  •      Aluminum cast handle
  •      Metal spool
  •      Perfect finish
  •      Modern, pleasant loop
  • Number of bearings: 5 + 1
  • Gear ratio: 5.1: 1
  • Spool capacity: 0.25mm / 245m, 0.30mm / 170m, 0.35mm / 125m

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