Zfish Rod Kingstone Telecarp 3,60m - 3,5lb - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Rod Kingstone Telecarp 3,60m - 3,5lb

Catalogue number:ZF-1422
Availability:In stock

Czech brand Zfish like to introduce Kingston Telecarp. This is the perfect telescopic carp rod for camo style enthusiasts. The rod was made of high quality carbon IM8. It is especially suitable for fishermen who need to transport even heavier loads to larger distances. Thanks to its throwing load of 80-150g, you can lean on it and rely fully on casting. Kingston has a split handle from EVA rubber. With this handle, the grip rod will be more comfortable when casting. The rod is suitable for all types of fishing on all kinds of water.

  • Lenght: 12 ft ( 3,60m )
  • Test curve: 3.50 lb / 80 - 150g
  • Number of guides: 5
  • Transport lenght: 105 cm

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