Zfish Rod Black Stalker 10ft/3lb - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Rod Black Stalker 10ft/3lb

Catalogue number:ZF-4594
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This rod gets you at first glance with its attractive black design, luxurious and high quality sea guides, as well as an extremely slim full-duplon handle. The rod is made of premium carbon 30T. Black Stalker has undergone a very long and demanding stress test before launching. We wanted to make the most out of this rod, which succeeded. It's unbelievable, but in a stress test he was able to lift a weight of 8 kg without cracking what you can convince yourself in our test video. The rod is fitted with high quality guides, where the first butt guide is 40 mm in diameter and top guide in 12 mm diameter. The rod also has a high quality FUJI reel seat. In this model, the clip above the real seat is a matter of course. It is really an unbeatable rod in this price category.


  • Length: 10ft ( 3.00m )
  • Test curve: 3.00 lb
  • Number of parts: 2
  • Number of guides: 6
  • Size of top guide: 12 mm
  • Size of butt guide: 40 mm
  • Transport length: 157 cm
  • Diameter of the blank above the real seat: 11 mm

Weight: 260 g

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