Zfish Reel Sygna QD 9000 - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Reel Sygna QD 9000

Catalogue number:ZF-3484
Availability:In stock

Are you looking for real quality and reliable carp reel with modern design? Look no further, Sygna 9000 is here for you. We are sure that this reel will fulfill expectations of the most demanding carp anglers. Because of its deep and high spool it´s ideal for both casting and fishing from boat. Sygna will amaze you with its smooth run and perfect line storage. Reel has 11 ball bearings, computer balanced rotor for vibration decrease and reinforced bail spring. During the fight you will enjoy front quick drag which is simply perfect. The dominant element of the reel is hand milled handle with comfy grip. Moreover you can hide all handle inside which is great advantage for transport.

  •     QD - Quick Drag System 
  •     11 Ball Bearings 
  •     Instant Anti-Reverse System 
  •     Coiled Bail Spring
  •     Computer Balanced Rotor
  •     Bearings: 10+ 1
  •     Gear ratio: 4,6: 1
  •     Lighweight body: 535 g
  •     Line capacity: 0.26mm / 600m, 0.30mm / 470m, 0.35mm / 345m

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