Zfish Rod Pod Construct 3 Rods  - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Rod Pod Construct 3 Rods

Catalogue number:ZF-3438
Availability:In stock

If you want to buy really stable, handy and variable rod pod, Construct is perfect choice for you. This rod pod is one of the hottest goods in our stock. Its main benefit (beside mentioned stability) is perfect compactness. Whole Rod Pod is foldable to one solid piece. Wide buzz bars allow you to place up to 3 carp rods with big reels such as our Hulk BT 9000. Of course you can adjust height of buzz bars as well. You can adjust lenghth of the Rod Pod with two nuts in central part. Outer nuts are designed for better stability of legs. We firmly believe that this Rod Pod is sipmly the best and smartest choice in its price category! Nice and practical transport bag is included in package. 

Length of the rod: 88 - 122 cm 
Legs height: 40 - 76 cm  
Length of buzz bar: 61 cm 
Height of buzz bar: 26 - 35 cm 
Weight: 4,5 kg

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