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Zfish Hi-Pod Long Legs

Catalogue number:ZF-1665
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The Czech brand ZFISH comes with a first-class model of a carp Rod Pod, which has undergone long-term testing until we have fine-tuned all the details. We are proud to offer you a Rod Pod that will satisfy a wide range of anglers, mainly due to the excellent features it offers. Our Hi-Pod will be a good companion for you both on a small pond and on a large flooded river. It offers compact transport dimensions and perfect stability. As standard, It come with three pairs of differently adjustable telescopic legs for ideal adaptation in any terrain. On this Rod Pod, it is possible to regulate the length of the body and legs, as well as the height of the front and rear buzzer bars. The front bar with a width of 50 cm is intentionally 5 cm wider than the rear bar to achieve sufficient size between the tips of the rods. The stand is delivered in a practical and compact transport bag.

PATENTED DESIGN: 2019113029462

Total length of the Rod Pod: 75 - 130 cm
Height of short legs: 30 - 50 cm
Height of long legs: 78 - 146 cm
Front buzzer bar length: 50 cm
Rear buzzer bar length: 45 cm
Buzzer bar height: 30 cm
Weight: 2.0 kg
Transport size: 80 x 14 x 13 cm

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