NGT Slider Pod 3 Rods - Click to view the picture detail.

NGT Slider Pod 3 Rods

Catalogue number:FP-SLIDER-447
Availability:In stock
The English brand NGT comes with a new model of a very variable and stable stand that can be adapted to any terrain. This small and very flooded stand will be appreciated especially by fans of the UK style of fishing.
It is made of light aluminum alloy in matt black design. The main advantages of this stand include sliding front and rear pairs of legs, which by moving to the central part we change the center of gravity of the stand and we get a four-legged tripod from the classic rodpod. The height adjustment of the bars and telescopic legs is a matter of course. The length of the stand can be adjusted with the center clip. On the horizontal bars we find screw nuts with a quality thread for precise tightening and orientation of the engagement signaling device.
This stand offers a very good price-quality ratio.
Stand length: 60-100cm
Stand height: 28-40cm
Shipping dimensions: 83x28cm
Weight: 1800g
The transport packaging is part of the package

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