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Asso Ultra Low Stretch 150m

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LOW STRECH is special series from italian brand Asso. It has transparent barely visible colour because of fluorocarbon layer. This line is durable and high performance product with very low stretch. At the same time it has extremely high knot strength. You can enjoy direct contatct with fish. Fluorocarbon layer secures the line and prolongs its life time.

Made in Japan! 

  • fluorocarbon layer
  • smooth surface for less resistance in water
  • extremely high knot strength
  • very low stretch
  • barely visible color that fits perfectly in the environment under water
  • reduced memory effect
  • optimum strength against abrasion

0,12mm - 2,62 kg
0,14mm - 3,20 kg
0,16mm - 4,60 kg
0,18mm - 6,30 kg
0,20mm - 8,60 kg
0,22mm - 8,90 kg
0,24mm - 9,40 kg
0,26mm - 10,20 kg
0,28mm - 11,90 kg
0,30mm - 13,50 kg

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