Zfish Synapse CLN 42 Carbon Landing Net + Float FREE! - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Synapse CLN 42 Carbon Landing Net + Float FREE!

Catalogue number:ZF-3223
Availability:In stock

Carbon highend Specimen Landing Net Synapse is a  new flagship between Landing Nets from Czech Brand Zfish. Top quality product that will fullfill expectation of all Fishermans in all conditions. 2 pcs handle that is extremly light but incredible strong as it's made from high moduls carbon. Modern steel Cross is fixed and makes taking apart very easy. Synapse has a net holder on it's handle that makes landing the fish even more confident in all tricky situations (weed,grass,waves...). Both Lending Net handle and arms are made from high quality carbon fibres. Net is made from polyester that is gentle to fish and is deep enough to land all of yours "personal Best"! Nice transport size and compact wrap is our standart. Japanese shrink wrap handle grip. This is where your dream comes Truth!

Dimensions :

Total lenght - 270 cm
Arms lenght - 102 cm
Handle lenght - 180 cm
Diameter of handle: 14 mm
Transport lenght - 105 cm
Net depth - 100 cm
Weight - 650g
Including compact transport carry bag.

BONUS : To all Synapse Landing Nets free elegant Float!


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