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Extra Carp

Extra Carp Infinity Camou 1000m

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Infinity Camou is a sinking carp fishing line made on the basis of the latest Japanese technology to meet the demands of the most demanding fishermen. It is primarily a line designed for long casting. The string is very soft, firm and does not crack. It has high tensile and nodal strength and also great resistance to abrasion. This line has almost no memory. Its black and red camouflage color adapts very well to all types of bottoms. It is really the top line for carp fishing at a reasonable price.

Lenght: 1000m
Available diameters: 0.28mm / 0.30mm / 0.33mm

     0.28 mm = 10.90 kg
     0.30 mm = 12.70 kg
     0.33 mm = 13.90 kg

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