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NGT Profiler 21 LED Light Solar

Catalogue number:FTL-LIGHT-PROFILER
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At the request of many fishermen, the English brand NGT has developed a very intense light with a high power bank and at the same time the possibility of solar power. This device is a universal and practical light source for taking first-class photos in low light conditions. With this tool, photos of your night catches will be as perfect as in daylight. It is equipped with 21 (pure white) super bright LEDs with a brightness of up to 525 lumens + 10 red LEDs powered by an internal lithium battery or solar panel, which is located on the back of the light. The light also has an adjustable stand and a thread for connecting the connector to a screw stick.
The big advantage is the high capacity of the internal battery, which also serves as a power bank and can be used to charge a standard smartphone, up to 4x. Standard USB connectors, compatible with most devices, were used to use the power bank and charge.
21 pure bright LEDs with a brightness of up to 525 lumens
10 red LEDs
Lighting duration: 1st level = 5 hours, 2nd level = 9 hours, 3rd level = 22 hours, 4th level - 200 hours
Battery capacity 8000 mAh - for charging a regular smartphone, up to 4x
Charging time: 7.5 hours
Solar panel charging
5 levels of battery charge indication
Can be screwed onto the stick using a connector (not included)
Adjustable magnetic stand
ABS body relief - only 352 g
Dimensions: 150x95 mm

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