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Box Super Box

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What brings you SUPER BOX:

     Variability arrangement of internal bulkheads will allow you to customize the box according to their needs with regard to the size of the stored components.
     Rounded bottom corners compartments ensure easy removal of small items.
     Fixed locks keep your Super Box safely locked even when dropped from a height.
     Precise matching lid with the rest of the body prevents even the smallest dust intrusion.
     Super Box is made of polypropylene, it is resistant to aggressive chemicals.

Material: polypropylene.

Color: Transparent Green

Super Box is system with variable arrangement of internal bulkheads, which effectively solves the storage of small fishing jewelry.

Available in 3 sizes:
Size S: 168 x 113 x 35 mm
Size M: 205 x 124 x 35 mm
Size L:  205 x 124 x 44 mm

Made in Czech republic.


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