Zfish Pop Up Boilies 16mm/60g - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Pop Up Boilies 16mm/60g

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We present you a hot new product to our family of boilies, which  perfectly completes our range of baitings. These are POP - UP boilies, which have the same flavors as our baiting boilies ZFISH Megamix 5kg and CSL Boosters Promix and together they perfectly form the holy trinity for successful carp fishing. These new floats are characterized by very attractive fluo colors,they have an excellent buoyancy, so they are great for Ronnie Rig and Zig Rig assemblies and of course the usual setting of pop-ups, or for a "snowman" is also perfect for those. At the same time they soak up well without problems so you can use whatever boosters you like. The key benefits include a long-lasting aroma even after long soaking in water.


• Long-lasting intense aroma
• Attractive FLUO colors - 6 colors
• High buoyancy (ideal for Ronnie and Zig Rig)
• Diameter 16 mm - suitable for all rigs
• 7 Flavors identical to CSL Boosters and MEGAMIX feed boilies

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