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Zfish Megamix Boilie 5kg

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New boilie "MEGAMIX" from Czech brand Zfish is finally here. The recipe is improved and production technology is under strict quality watch. High percentage of proteins, vitamins and aromas is matter of course. The base is premium cornflour because corn is natural food for all carp fishes. Taste is unique and simply irresistible for all hungry carps. Megamix boilie is also easy digestible so their hunger will never cease. You can choose from 7 different flavors which can be used in all seasons of the year. This boilie is most effective when you want to quickly concentrate lot of fishes to one place. 

Size: 20mm

Our tip: 

Fill a plastic bucket with 1 kg of Megamix Boilies and 150 ml of well shaked CSL Booster. Let all the liquid soak in to boilies. Stir the content of bucket occasionally. After the liquid soak in, add another 50 ml of CSL Booster and wait again to soak in. Your new ultra attractive bait is now completed!  

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