Zfish Helios Bite Alarm Set 2+1 - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Helios Bite Alarm Set 2+1

Catalogue number:ZF-2158
Availability:In stock

Timeless design, high quality, maximal equipment, long endurance and perfect manufacotry. These are main characterstics of premium bite alarm Zfish Helios. You can easily adjust volume, tone and sensitivity. Moreover you can choose between 7 different colors of leds. If you are fishing in the night, you can count on blue position led which will help you with orientation. Also practical removable snag bars and clip to hang receiver are included in package. On receiver you can regulate volume and tone. The range is 150m and you can switch between beeping or vibration mode as well. Fishermen will surely enjoy posibility of pairing bite alarms with our Zfish bivvy light including leds color function. Bad weather resistence is standard, bite alarms are waterproof. Our bite alarms come with nice practical transport case.

  • 7 different colors of leds
  • Practical snag bars and hanging clip 
  • Adjustable volume, tone and sensitivity
  • Vibration mode on receiver
  • Night diode
  • Low battery warning
  • Bad weather resistence (waterproof)
  • Range of receiver up to 150 m
  • Alarms requires 9V battery (not included)

*** Can also be synced to our new Zfish Bivvy Light (not included)

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