Extra Carp Bite Alarm EXC 40 - Click to view the picture detail.
Extra Carp

Extra Carp Bite Alarm EXC 40

Catalogue number:56-9701
Availability:In stock

Extra Carp comes with the timeless design of a new model. It is a very reliable and 100% waterproof signalizator with various setting functions. The power of the signalizator provides a 9V battery that ensures long life.

The signalizator includes screwed snag bars. Our signalizator offers up to 6 sensitivity setting modes, 10 different tone types, daytime or night-time power-on modes, or silent 20-second mode for tracking the line without interfering with the unwanted tone of the detector.

We are convinced that this is the top product in the market, which is unbeatable in its price range.

     Volume control
     Adjusting the pitch
     Sensitivity regulation
     Quiet 20 second mode
     Daily / night mode
     Red diode
     Power supply: 9V battery (battery not included)

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