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Zfish Shadow Camo Bedchair

Catalogue number:ZF-2619
Availability:In stock

Luxury Shadow Camo Bedchair is a brand new  TOP product belonging to the exclusive ZFISH branded camo edition. It is a flat, very wide and comfortable bedchair for camo fans. This bedchair provides maximum comfort for sleeping in nature. The design of the bedchair has been made for easily fold up with a large winter sleeping bag. The bedchair has a very thick microfleece padding to protect you from damp and cold. Also included is a large, microfleece pillow. Its size 220x100 cm is premium in its price class. We are convinced that with this bedchair we have achieved the highest quality in our price class.

  •     very strong and durable construction made of steel profiles
  •     an absolutely straight profile for superior sleep comfort
  •     thick padding made of microfleece material
  •     lacing at the bottom to adjust stiffness of the mattress
  •     big, pleasant pillow
  •     wide foot feet
  •     strap strap for easy transport


  • Measurements: 220 x 100 cm
  • Transport size: 100 x 80 x 28 cm
  • Height: 35 - 48 cm
  • Weight: 9,5 kg
  • Load: 150 kg

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