Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg - Click to view the picture detail.

Zfish Diablo MF Bedchair 8-Leg

Catalogue number:ZF-2729
Availability:In stock

Diablo MF Bedchair is the new flagship of Zfish's bedchairs. It is the top product on the market. It features a removable mattress. Mattress made of memory foam material (a memory mattress). This mattress perfectly adapts to your body on the bedchair and provides you with the ultimate comfort and lying support. It is an eight-legged, adjustable bedchair with a reinforced and high-quality construction with very strong padding using the finest materials. The very strong padding and its thermal insulation properties combined with memory foam mattresses are the main advantages of this bedchair. The bedchair has a very comfortable integrated cushion and telescopically adjustable legs with wide adjustable feet for a comfortable snap lock against soft soil. Featuring a new, practical mechanism for quick setup.

Technical parameters:
Length: 210 cm
Width: 85 cm
Height: 30-55 cm
Load capacity: 150 kg
Weight: 12.50 kg

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