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Zfish Deluxe Chair

Catalogue number:ZF-2393
Availability:In stock
Zfish comes with a luxury armchair for maximum comfort not only on fish but for those who like to spend time with a comfortable sitting in the countryside. The armchair features a very comfortable backrest and a highly padded neoprene headrest. Its width is ideal for a comfortable sitting and with adjustable armrests, you can get up to 8 possible backrest settings. Despite its light weight, the chair is sufficiently stable due to its very strong, high-quality construction, legs with wide feet and a new practical mechanism for quick adjustment of the height of the chair.

  •     Reinforced steel profiles
  •     Material:  Oxford 600D
  •     Color:  Combination dark green and black
  •     High, comfortable backrest
  •     8 position for adjusting the backrest inclination
  •     Telescopic, adjustable legs
  •     Wide, swivel foot feet
  •     Reinforced headrest
  •     Very light weight and high stability

  •     Seat size:  53 (w) x 48 (d) cm
  •     Size of the backrest:  48 (w) x 68 (d) cm
  •     Seat height from ground:  37 - 56 cm
  •     Transport dimensions:  95 (v) × 65 (d) × 15 (w) cm
  •     Weight:  6.80 kg
  •     Load capacity:  150 kg



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