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Zfish Bait Crusher CLR

Catalogue number:ZF-6795
Availability:In stock

This bait grinder has been developed for cutting and hard baits at great enticing crumb. The perfect tool for blending PVA bags and stockings, mixes for baiting racket, or simply handfuls of boilies. Mill job done quickly and efficiently. Suitable for crushing tiger nuts, any articles, trout pellets and boilies. With hemp seed to achieve the best result with our small grinder.

Two rotations = coarse grit
More rotate = fine grit

The unique configuration of the crushing teeth designed for cutting anything from tiger nuts, hemp, pellets and boilies even dry! Just connect the two halves together crusher and rotary motion crush your bait. With less bait works best.

SIZE: 35mm DEEP x 75mm WIDE

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