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NGT Multi Bait Grinder System

Catalogue number:FO-GRINDER-SYSTEM
Availability:In stock

Innovative product from the English brand NGT. You no longer have to bother with crushing boilies and pellets by conventional crushers with which this is not only a tedious process, but you also after prolonged crushing incredibly sore hands. This fantastic boilie grinder job done for you both quickly and efficiently, but also effortlessly, by grinding with conventional crushers entails. Simply open the lid of the grinder, sprinkle boilie or tiger nuts, gently rotate the crank a few times and you're done. The perfect tool for blending PVA bags and stockings, mixes for baiting racket, or just a handful of irresistible bait. Grinder job done quickly and efficiently

     crushed boilies and fermented tiger nuts
     Body of high quality hard plastic
     very strong crushing blade
     simple operation
     both sides rotating handle
     easy maintenance

Brand:  NGT

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