Magic Squid Boilie 20mm/1kg + Hard Hook Boilie FREE! - Click to view the picture detail.
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Magic Squid Boilie 20mm/1kg + Hard Hook Boilie FREE!

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Buy 1 kg of Magic Squid Boilies - Now we add 100g of Hard Hook Boilies for free!

A tub of Hard Hook boilies contains a mix of diameters 16 and 20 mm. This hard boilie is specially designed for fishing in warmest water when the increased activity of small fish. Thanks to a special hardening additives boilie stay on hook a very long time.

Extra Carp presents boilie of winners. These boilies won two times second place and one times first place on international MACONKA CUP in Hungary. Every years between the winners.

The "MAGIC SQUID" series, created by the unique recipe, represents new premium boilies, tested and proven on many terrenes. One of the special properties of the "MAGIC SQUID" series is that we did not use fish meal like in traditional boilies, we substitute with the squid meal and we got an intense tasted base mix. In this impeccable base mix we added our special aromas combinations, in order to find very successful bait. This series also contain fresh eggs, and one more very important criteria, we produce this boilies with streaming and not cocking. With this procedure, we can keep the proteins, vitamins, aromas and mineral contains.


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